How I can place an order?

When you find the item you want, click on "Add to cart" to add it to your shopping cart. If you purchase an item more should do exactly the same with other items until you complete your search. Then go to cart to see all the items you've selected and, from there, you do all your edits: add or remove items and change quantities. Once you are ready to complete your order, you must click on "Checkout" and complete the Personal Data Form.

If you have already made a purchase on our website will only have to put your email address and password, and your personal data will be recorded in our database. If you are a new customer, please complete the Personal Data Form. After entering your data, you must choose a payment method. Once you have completed all information will automatically appear on-screen confirmation of your order and send you an email with all the details.

How I can remove or add items to my shopping basket and edit units?

First you click on "Cart", where you will see a list of all the items you've selected and the quantities you want of each item. Once you have identified the item you wish to delete, click the "delete" button.

To add a new item to your shopping cart click on "Continue shopping", find the new article and when you get in screen click on "Add to cart." It will be added to your cart If you want to change the amount of any product in your shopping cart, change the number in the "quantity". 

How do I know if the order was successful?

After completion of the purchase process will appear on your order confirmation screen with all the details, shipping address and items you have chosen. It is important that you print this confirmation as proof of purchase.

You will also receive an order confirmation email that will be the proof that we have received your order. If this confirmation does not arrive, it's probably because you entered your email incorrectly. Please check your data.