Case 2 tins of 5 liters - BellVerd Case 2 tins of 5 liters - BellVerd Case 2 tins of 5 liters - BellVerd Case 2 tins of 5 liters - BellVerd
Case 2 tins of 5 liters - BellVerd

Bellverd olive oil is 100% natural product from organic farming. It’s an extra virgin olive oil of superior category, because it comes from the first pressing (by mechanical means only)

Package: 2 x 5 L.
Acidity: 0,14%

100,00€(TAX included)

Product of agriculture European Eco.

Proximity sales. From our trees to your table, without intermediary.

CCPAE certification of the production ecological.

Nutritional information (100 gr)

  • Energetic value 3700 Kj (900 kcal)
  • Fats 100 gr
  • - Saturated 17 gr
  • - Monounsaturated 73 gr
  • - polyunsaturated 0,9 gr
It contains a negligible amount of carbohydrates, sugars, protein and salt.

Extracted only from olives of Arbequina,wich differs from the others due to its color, its fruity flavor and pleasant aroma.
In order to preserve all its qualities, the fruit is pressed within 24 hours after harvest. Thanks to this idea, and to a method of modern agriculture, “the intensive plantation” we are able to harvest the fruit in the optimal state of freshness and best time to keep all its flavor .

Taking care of all these details make our product a green and sustainable oil from the beginning to the end.

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