Bellverd olive oil is 100% natural product from organic farming. It’s an extra virgin olive oil of superior category, because it comes from the first pressing (by mechanical means only), and its acidity level is less than 0.1%.

Extracted only from olives of Arbequina,wich differs from the others due to its color, its fruity flavor and pleasant aroma.

In order to preserve all its qualities, the fruit is pressed within 24 hours after harvest.

Thanks to this idea, and to a method of modern agriculture, “the intensive plantation” we are able to harvest the fruit in the optimal state of freshness and best time to keep all its flavor .


Green is the color of nature , ecology . One aspect that was taken into account when thinking about each of the elements. Since the economy of the inks and paper labels mineral , to the recycled cardboard boxes.

It keeping with our philosophy, for us it was very important that the materials were used for packaging and labeling, are sustainable and recyclable.

The Label

The role that we used for the production of bottle labels , is mineral paper. A paper that does not use chlorine or assists in cutting down trees.It is also highly resistant to stains and varnishes or replaces the classic polypropylene are highly polluting .

The Box

For the boxes, we chose a recycled cardboard, with one ink. The result is a safe and environmentally friendly elegant boxes.

The Bottle

The chosen material is glass, durable and elegant material that can be recycled largely retains its initial qualities. The plastic on the other hand, despite being recyclable and is more sustainable and less polluting.

Our Olive Oil

Taking care of all these details make our product a green and sustainable oil from the beginning to the end.

Our Olive Oil
Our Olive Oil